How To Prevent Clogs In Your Drain


Drain Clogs Are One of the Most Common Plumbing Problems Homeowners Deal With.

Have you notices your sink has been draining slower than usual lately? This is usually sign of a clog down in the pipes. Clogs are created by build up within your plumbing that can coat the pipes and block your wastewater from flowing freely away from your home. While there are many ways to handle a clog, you may be more interested to know what you can do to prevent them in the first place. There are some general tips and tricks that can help you keep your plumbing clean. 

Drain Clog Prevention Tips

Watch What Goes Down Your Drain – You may think your plumbing can handle disposed of food and grease. After all, its just going to wash away through the pipes right? This is not necessarily true as these particles can get stuck in your pipes and build up, creating a blockage. Scrape off your plates before placing them in the sink to remove excess food particles and dispose of grease appropriately.

Install Strainers – There are somethings you may not notice going down your drain, such as hair or dirt. These can also build up with soap in your plumbing creating a clog. How can you stop these things from going down your drain? Your local home improvement store may have strainers and catching devices you can put in your sinks or tubs to gather hair and other things that could harm your plumbing.

Complete Regular Flushes – Just like anything in your house, your drain and plumbing can use a good cleaning every so often. This can prevent minerals and soap from building up and clogging your pipes. Weekly, you can fill your sinks and bathtub with hot water. Once full, pul the stopper and allow the water to drain away.

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